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The available information indicates that the Mahaffy presence in Ontario commenced prior to 1841, with the emigration of James Mahaffy, born in Armagh, Ireland (1813) to Durham County where he settled on farmland east of Enniskillin and immediately north of Tyrone, in Durham County, north of Bowmanvlle.

He was apparently later joined by a younger brother, nine years his junior, John W. Mahaffy (1822-1840) and his wife Margaret McCauley ( ? - 1843).

Both John and his wife Margaret died quite young leaving two children to be raised by friends and relatives, James Mahaffy(1836) and a younger sister, Mary Jane(1838). James apparently deeded 30 acres in the southern part of his land to John. This is noted on a land map unearthed by Donald Ross in the Ontario Archives.

Map of Mahaffy Property- Durham Twp. 1870 It is not known how long John Mahaffy farmed the land allocated to him by his older brother James. James left the area in 1862 moving his family to Perth county just west of Stratford, Ontario. Many of the family stones of this branch of the Mahaffy family are to be found in the Presbyterian Cemetery in Mitchell, Ontario. Of interest, the Mahaffy lands near Eniskillin were immediately north of the lands owned by McLaughlins and perhaps, goes to-wards explaining the acquaintance, and the later marriage in 1841, of James Mahaffy to Sarah McLaughlin.

Map of Mahaffy & McLaughlin Lands near Eniskillin - click to enlarge

John Mahaffy did not stay in Durham for any period of time. He was raised by a family headed by a John English. Soon after reaching age of majority, James moved to Goderich area. he became a miller. He married Sarah McGill aka "MaGill" in 1858 and went on to become successful in several business enterprises including a lumber mill, slate factory and farming. He owned property in Port Albert adjacent to what later became Clinton Airbase. He and Sarah had seven(7) children. John and Sarah moved in his later years to Courtright, Ontario to live with his youngest son, Norman and he passed away in 1907. Sarah survived him by four years. He is buried in Union Cemetery in Mooretown, Lambton County near Sarnia.

For further information on McLaughlin, Mahaffy descendants, I suggest a visit to the Turner, Werry, McLaughlin & Phillips website, where Dale Mahaffy, a descendant of James Mahaffy & Sarah McLaughlin has contributed to the section on the Mahaffy's.

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