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John Galway married Eliza Moffat (Great Great Grandfather & GrandMother) - 13 Children incl:
Hugh (Great Grandfather)
Caroline } twins? etc.

Hugh m. Mary Ann MacKinnon (remarried Walter Badgley) Hugh is Buried in Gridley, Cal.
Hugh Henry (born in California)(Grandfather)
Fred - brother; Died in St Paul, Minn (a Rwy accident)
Mary Jane - sister; m. K. Stauffer of Schenectady, NY
Hugh Henry m. Helen Agnes "Nell" Lavall (Grandfather & Grandmother)
Jean Galway m. Doug Lawrence
Charles F. Galway "Bud"

Charles F. Galway "Bud" m. Dorothy Louise Mahaffy (Father & Mother of:)
Hugh Robert David
Michael Anthony
Patrick James
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